Handbook for Current Volunteers

  Practical Information             


Program Rules: Our rules can be found here

New Volunteer Quiz: After you are accepted to ENGin, please review all 5 sections of the handbook OR attend a Zoom training. Then be sure to complete our mandatory quiz. 

Chat with Other ENGin Volunteers: We invite you to join one of our online volunteer communities to ask questions, share ideas, and get advice. You may choose your preferred platform from the following:

Training Videos: Please be sure to watch all videos if you have not attended an ENGin Zoom training.

Learn a bit about our mission, our history, and how your work with ENGin is helping change lives!​

If you're interested to read more about ENGin's story, check out the article here

All the details about getting matched, contacting your buddy, and setting up your first session. Here are key links mentioned in the video:

Please note: You will initially reach out to your student by email. Once you get in touch, feel free to switch to a chat app that's convenient for you both (e.g. Instagram DMs or any other app you both use).

This video explains what to do in your first session. See the session materials section of the handbook for discussion questions and icebreaker activities!

This video introduces ENGin's optional session plans. You can find more information in the Session Materials tab of the handbook.

If you are having trouble completing sessions each week due to student attendance or responsiveness issues, here are some tips for what to do.