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  Volunteer Hours                

We can provide documentation for your volunteer hours. To receive credit, all sessions must be scheduled and attended in your ENGin account at You must also enter the duration of each session once it is completed. Instructions on how to do so can be found here.

For sessions prior to September 2022, we will also accept tracking on the Google Sheets hours tracker. However, all sessions in September 2022 and beyond will only be counted if they have been properly logged on the ENGin platform. Please keep in mind that we cannot certify preparation time. 

When you need any kind of verification from us, please submit a service hours request form. Please give us 7 days for each verification!

(1) Volunteer supervisor: 

Yana Voloshyna

Volunteer Support Specialist

1 (203) 903-8709


(2) Service hours request - fill out when you are ready for us to verify your hours. This includes all verification requests, even those that will come from your school or employerMake a service hours request

We can provide you with our own hours confirmation document, which looks like this: sample ENGin form. You can also upload a form for us to sign. Or, if your school needs to send the form or online verification request directly to us, that’s fine too. 

  ENGin Volunteer Service Awards  

Our volunteers play a pivotal role in ENGin's success. Our Volunteer Service Awards recognize the extraordinary work of our most active volunteers, who dedicate countless hours to their students, mentor new volunteers, and promote ENGin and its mission through outreach. Their efforts help move us toward our mission of connecting Ukraine to the world, propelling the nation's postwar reconstruction and economic and social development.

Please email Sophia Koropeckyj at if you need help. 

We are offering three levels of certificates with the following eligibility requirements:


50 hours of sessions with ENGin student(s) - must be documented on 


80 hours of sessions with a student PLUS five outreach tasks as an ENGin ambassador or club member OR mentoring 5 new volunteers 


120 hours of sessions with a student PLUS five outreach tasks as an ambassador or club member PLUS organizing an ENGin event in your local community. [Note: Events may include fundraisers or volunteer recruitment events - for instance, bake sales, fun runs, panel discussions, etc. ENGin club meetings and similar events cannot be used to qualify for the Gold award. Please contact us if you would like to confirm whether your event qualifies].

If you meet the eligibility requirements, you may receive an award by completing the application here and paying the administrative fee of 20 U.S. dollars here. Certificates will be awarded on an ongoing basis, as applications are received and verified.

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