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Student and Volunteer Support Manager

The nonprofit startup ENGin is seeking a Director of Operations for our English language program. This is a unique opportunity to help run and grow an organization while helping thousands of students. All work is done virtually and hours are flexible. Learning opportunities include: leading a team, planning and implementing strategy, scaling an organization, partnership development, and more. Salary depends on experience.


ENGin matches English learners in Ukraine to fluent English speakers for free online speaking practice. Both our learners and our volunteers are high school and college students. We have over 2,000 participants and are growing rapidly.


We are looking for someone with experience in the nonprofit sector, fluent in English (including speaking), proficient in Google Drive, Google Sheets, and Zoom, and comfortable leading complex processes and managing people. You should be available to work full-time (35-40 hours/week); this job will not be a good fit for university students.



  • Oversee onboarding process – ensure that database, interviews, and matching process are working smoothly. Work with program managers to solve any problems/errors.

  • Oversee group practice sessions for students, new volunteer trainings, and volunteer social events. Check reports, collect feedback, make changes or solve problems as needed.

  • Oversee volunteer recruitment processes; contact universities and community service organizations to form partnerships

  • Send out monthly emails with updates to students and volunteers.

  • Collect and analyze data on the effectiveness of the program and implement process changes and improvements.

  • Oversee tracking of volunteer hours and issuing of certificates. Improve processes as needed.

  • Manage all logistics of implementation of a new speaking test – scheduling, grading, score reporting, etc.

  • Develop and implement a system of rewards and incentives to motivate students.

  • Develop a plan to make the program more accessible to lower-level students; work with team to implement this plan and run a pilot inviting a small number of lower-level students to the program.

  • Help solve student/volunteer issues – errors in the application process, scheduling challenges, complaints, requests for rematches, etc


  • Critical Thinking: You should be able to understand and think deeply about ENGin’s program, solving problems as they arise. For example, what should we do if our database breaks down and students aren’t receiving emails? How can we respond to negative feedback about our volunteer training? What is the best way to administer our new speaking test?  

  • Attention to Detail: This role involves strategic and operational tasks that will directly affect thousands of people. Thus, a high level of responsibility and commitment to quality work product is essential. 

  • Excellent Oral and Written Communication Skills: You should be prepared to communicate every day with ENGin team members, partners, and volunteers via email, video chat, and WhatsApp/Telegram. You will need to clearly answer questions and provide updates on various aspects of your work. You must be able to represent ENGin in a professional manner when corresponding with current and potential participants. 

  • Leadership Ability: You will be managing other team members. You should be able to clearly explain tasks, set goals and deadlines, answer questions, and monitor team members’ work.

  • Flexibility: You should be comfortable working in a fast-paced startup environment with shifting priorities, changing processes, etc. Flexible thinking and comfort with ambiguity are a must!

  • Motivation: You should be comfortable working independently without close oversight of every detail. You will be expected to proactively share any issues or concerns and ask for help when it is needed. Ideally, you would also proactively share your thoughts for improving our operations (even without being asked!) 

  • Commitment to ENGin's mission: You should be excited about our mission of bringing English fluency to young Ukrainians.



You must have access to a reliable internet connection in a quiet, professional space and an up-to-date computer with webcam and microphone. Salary depends on experience.

Please email your resume to to apply.